Quality installation with technical backup and support

i.air projects provide quality installations for commercial and residential air-conditioning requirements. Our qualified technicians are available, on-call, and experienced in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation, service and maintenance. We get the job done on time and on budget, so you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment for your residential or commercial premises.

Independent Qualified Person IQP

  • inspect and report on air conditioning systems for buildings
  • follow the requirements set out in your building's compliance schedule
  • supply any other supporting documentation confirming compliance, such as certificates of compliance
  • maintain the systems to perform and operate effectively .
  • Doing full Annual maintenance for HVAC system

We can provide Producer Statement Author (for commercial projects)

We can provide HVAC design ( for commercial & residential projects)

Our services include

Individual heat-pump installation is our speciality. A well installed unit not only functions to optimal capacity, it fits the aesthetic of your home and landscape, and meets code of compliance requirements. Talk to us about the best location for your unit.
Large, complex commercial works are executed with perfection to provide a comfortable and healthy working environment for businesses.
Quality finishing to large cassette units installed in commercial buildings.
Complex commercial works are also executed with precision and performance. Installation combines function with form to achieve a neat and tidy operating system.

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