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Installation made easy with i-air projects

At i.air projects we specialise in installations of heat pump, air-conditioning and ventilation systems of all sizes for commercial and residential projects. With over 30 years global experience including ten years and counting in New Zealand, we are able to think outside the box to design and provide what you need.

We also understand the importance of being in control of your indoor environment for your home, office or commercial building. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is the technology of indoor environmental control.

HVAC systems are designed to regulate temperature and humidity using fresh air intake from outdoors. When your HVAC needs are provided according to your unique requirements, you will be able to choose the right level of thermal comfort, ventilation and air quality at the touch of a button.

Qualified, Experienced and Reliable – i.air projects is big on SERVICE

i.air projects has an extensive knowledge base, with expertise and global experience in the installation of leading brand heat pump options. Including hi-wall, floor console, cassettes, ventilation and ducting works. We are also qualified and only work with registered engineers and architects. So you can be assured you are guaranteed full compliance to Council requirements at all times.

We listen, we plan, we manage, we install, we train and we provide post project monitoring, maintenance and support.
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We listen

No project is ever accepted without discussing with you and/or your building project managers or architects about your specific requirements. Our listening skills, listening to what it is YOU want before any planning or design commences, and our need to build a relationship with you, are testimonial to being two huge contributions to our past successes.

We plan

We believe planning is key to every successful project. So, after listening to you, we utilise our experience and expertise in the planning and design phases to ensure you will receive the best solution, uniquely designed and installed to those needs.

We manage, install and train

Based on your requirements and budget our qualified technician will then project manage and complete the installation of your unit or system with quality service and attention to detail. Whether it’s a single heat pump in your home or a more complex multi-system for a larger residential or commercial building.

We will then train your people on how to use your new system in all areas needed, whether it be how to use the most state of the art technology and/or in a commercial area, or just to use only one remote control.

We monitor, maintain and support

After we have installed your system and completed the project, we are also available for full monitoring, maintenance and support.

We’re big on QUALITY too

Mitsubishi and Daikin

We specialise in installing New Zealand’s market-leading brands of heat pumps and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Including the best of the bunch - Mitsubishi and Daikin.

Although our main service is installation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as opposed to resellers of the units that provide those comforts, we are able to supply the systems if you do not provide your own.

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Unbiased opinions

As installers, as opposed to re-sellers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems we always provide you with an unbiased guide based on independent experience and knowledge. So you know you are making an informed decision about the right heat pump unit or system for your home, office or commercial building.

We put the control of your indoor living spaces into your hands, so you can achieve your preferred level of comfort that’s both energy efficient and healthy.

No project too big or small

  • Residential homes (small and large)
  • Large scale property developments/apartment blocks
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Rest homes
  • Medical clinics
  • Theatres
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants

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